Cargo Ship in the Ocean

1st International Maritime Human Factors


"Safety, Risk and Human Reliability in the Maritime Domain"

Glasgow, 28-29 November 2022

Making the MARITIME world a SAFER PLACE

This symposium is a knowledge dissemination event resulting from the EU Horizon Project SAFEMODE



  • This year’s theme will focus on risk modelling related to various elements of maritime operations.

  • Future events will focus on topics agreed upon at a plenary session during this event in order to strategies a process to develop a recurring meeting for theMaritime Human Factors basic and applied research community

Topics covered in the 2022 IMHFS will include:

Results from the EU Horizon 2020 SAFEMODE Project Basic and Applied Research results

Thematic topics from the maritime safety community addressing themes such as:

  • Human factors taxonomy and safety occurrence report repositories for risk analysis
  • Risk-based tools for designers, safety assessors or operational developers in decision-making during new designs or procedures
  • Approach to developing quantifiable risk models: focus on human performance shaping factors and influences

Keynote speakers who will address the challenges of risk and human performance assessment in future maritime operational environments



  • The Symposium will be held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 28-29 November, 2022
  • Attendance is free of charge but attendees are responsible for transportation and accommodation costs.
  • Attendance requires pre-event registration.


This Symposium will provide opportunities for Maritime Domain stakeholders to present their work. Due to the limited scope and duration of the Symposium, received abstracts will be evaluated for inclusion in the program. It is anticipated that in future Symposia, more open communications will be accommodated!

If you would like to present your work on the thematic area of the conference (15 minutes presentation with 5 minutes QnA).

Register here

Abstract Instructions:

Maximum of 500 words

Content should be made clear under the following headlines:

  • Title and Authors (not included in 500 word maximum)
  • Overview of Research
  • Outcomes of Research
  • Significance of Research to Safety in the Maritime Domain
  • References (not included in 500 word maximum)

These abstracts and presentation materials, as well as SAFEMODE and Keynote speaker presentations, will be archived for reference on the conference website.

Standing Committee:

Dr Rafet Emek Kurt

Professor Osman Turan

Professor Scott MacKinnon

Professor Nikos Ventikos

Dr Emre Akyuz

Professor Ozcan Arslan

Dr Monica Lundh

Louis de Wolf

University of Strathclyde

University of Strathclyde

Chalmers University of Technology

National Technical University of Athens

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University

Chalmers University of Technology

Calmac Ferries, United Kingdom

Local Organising Committee:

University of Strathclyde

Professor Osman Turan

Dr Rafet Emek Kurt

Dr Pelin Erdem

Ms. Siti Fariya

Dr Sefer Gunbeyaz

Dr Sung Il Ahn

Mr Yaser Farag

Mr Yasin Burak Kurt

Ms Esma Uflaz

Mr Hadi Bantan

Ms Courteney flower

Ms Hollie Black